Bespoke Landscaping & Garden Design Solutions that awe and inspire

When you depend on Foliage Unlimited for your landscape or gardening needs, you will relish the peace of mind of working with a professional gardening and landscaping company with decades of real experience. After all, we take pride in our horticultural expertise across the residential and commercial landscaping arena and our passion for green design that has transformed many indoor and outdoor spaces into serene green sanctuaries.


Blending distinctive horticultural and architectural sensibilities in garden & landscape design

We at Foliage Unlimited are committed to transform our clients dreams into reality. With a great team of experienced gardeners, expert engineers and landscape designers, we conduct our affairs with openness, honesty and integrity. We aim to support building architects and builders to constantly challenge conventional ideas and push architectural boundaries by providing green and sustainable designs. Aiming to create an ecosystem between concrete and nature to provide A GREEN A DAY!.

we believe it is our duty to use our business in a positive, environmentally-friendly and ethical way, by offering our client’s beneficial products and services to enhance the environment and to encourage sustainability and biodiversity. As urbanization around the globe accelerates, it is estimated that by the end of this century seven billion people will live in cities. Academic research has confirmed that the introduction of green facades, green roofs, considered tree planting and well planned green recreational space in cities can have a huge impact on improving life for city inhabitants. Our multi-disciplinary service offer encompasses all of the functions required to support green building envelopes